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Routing is the process of monitoring the requests with the MVC application. In MVC, the Application_Start() event registers all the routes in the routing table. Let us have a quick review of the MVC interview questions. In this article, you can go through the set of MVC interview questions most frequently asked in the interview panel. This will help you crack the interview as the topmost industry experts curate these at HKR training. ViewBag is used to access data from controller to corresponding view.

It’s also used to pass data from a controller to a view. In short, The ViewBag property is simply mvc programmer a wrapper around the ViewData that exposes the ViewData dictionary as a dynamic object.

Q3. Enumerate the different MVC components and describe the role of each component.

Please make sure that you don’t have a ValidationMessageFor method for each of the fields. Bundling and minification are two new techniques introduced to improve request load time.

You have to configure a CORS policy at application startup in the ConfigureServices method. In Asp.Net Web Form, Web Forms i.e. views are tightly coupled to Code behind(ASPX.CS) i.e. logic while in Asp.Net MVC, Views and logic are kept separately. Redirect Permanent is a permanent redirection from the requested URL to a given URL happens. Once it is done, it returns 301 moved responses permanently. SOAP is the preferred protocol used for exchanging web service data.

Write code using ng-model to display multi-line input control in AngularJS.

If you are developing just a core Java application using Spring, you just need Spring Core, but if you are creating a Web application, then you need spring-mvc.jar as well. SeeIntroduction to Spring MVCto learn more about Spring framework architecture and components. Spring MVC is a framework to develop Java web applications. It implements MVC or Model View Controller architecture, built on the separation of concerns, and makes Java web applications easy. To use this in your project, you need to learn Spring and include its JAR file.

mvc programming interview questions

UpdateModel is the method which is generics type and takes parameter of model type. This method fills the value to the property of this model class. ViewData shares the data from controller to its corresponding view but TempData shares the data from controller to its corresponding view as well as to its redirects. Tempdata is used to share data from controller to its corresponding view as well as its redirects. MVC is a framework and stands for Model – View – Controller. As compare to form based application it is quite light weighted. The Spring MVC Validation allows us to validate the user input in a particular sequence by using @Pattern annotation.