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As the cryptocurrency market is relatively fresh, there is the possibility for cryptocurrency startups to tap into niche market markets in which we have a high demand. One particular niche is definitely the financial market. While cryptocurrencies have already begun to replace some aspects of the regular banking program, many people still apply fiat money to transact and exchange. A crypto start-up can take advantage of this lack of regulation to enter the market with lower boundaries to connection and higher growth prices.

The Dydx cryptocurrency exchange is an individual model. It permits traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency in an worldwide market. They have already highly processed more deals than Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the U. Nasiums. As of the bottom of 2017, Dydx experienced processed much more than $18 billion in financial transactions. The cryptocurrency exchange is to normal to pull in $75 million in earnings this year and is on track going to $125 million by the end of your year, in accordance to it is executives. Moreover to earning cash, Dydx is usually projected to generate $81 , 000, 000 in net profit with regards to 2019.

While Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world, there is still a great deal of area for new entrants. While Coinbase processes $15 billion in transactions daily, rival exchange Binance processes $90 billion in transactions daily. Additionally to Coinbase, other startups are looking at the ongoing future of crypto.